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grow organically!

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You want to live that laptop life... but You feel stuck and overwhelmed?


Most of the 'organic' strategies to grow your info business online take a lot of time... or simply don't work anymore
Investing weeks into creating a course that nobody buys or chasing after clients using different FB groups, LinkedIn messages, and other social media platforms is the worst feeling in the world…

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to grow your business online but nothing seemed to work?

Did you invest hours creating and giving away all this ‘FREE upfront value’...

but you don't get any visibility or sales?
but they don't tell you that
If you are like me and you bought a course about selling courses and getting coaching clients before you were probably told that organic traffic is the holy grail of marketing because it is free. So you just need to start a YouTube channel, blog or podcast, right? Wrong. You have to invest a lot of your time. Your most valuable resource. Your teachers probably told you to stay away from ads because they knew that telling you to invest in ads after you already paid for their course doesn’t sell well. Well, please go and check in Facebooks ads library. Most of your teachers are running ads. And there is a reason why they do that...
that's why it's hard to focus
You do the work. You put in the hours. Shoot a YouTube Video. Write a blogpost. Should you start a podcast? You add ‘leads’ as friends on Facebook. You send out DMs on Instagram. You come across an ad that looks interesting. And now you end the day buying the nex quick fix. More money went out instead of in. You try to get it right but it’s hard to stick with something if you don’t see results. You lack focus and leverage.
to leverage your efforts
Yes, with ads you can burn a lot of money quickly. But only if you don’t know what you do. With the right strategy a budget starting at $5 - $ 25 per day can make a huge difference. It’s 2021 and you are kinda late in this game. But this can buy you time. Literally. It will allow you to grow and monetize in the fastest way possible. Once you nailed the basics, you can scale your business in a way you would have never imagined. You will never want to go back.
I was stuck...
until I unlocked the power of ads and made
140k within my first Year as a New Coach
In spring 2020 I found myself at the lowest point I have been so far. I worked really hard as a freelancer and to grow my Facebookâ„¢ ads agency during my pregnancy to save up some money so that I can slow things down and spend time with my son once he is born.

I couldn’t save as much as I wanted and I was really drained from working poor for unappreciative clients. With the pandemic and so much uncertainty, I was worried about the future. I was vulnerable. And that’s when I fell for the program of one of these Gurus.

I ended up losing 12,000 USD
I’ve been running Facebook™ ads for almost a decade and all these years, I grew other people's businesses but never used Facebook™ ads to grow my own brand.
I just thought it wouldn’t work for me because ‘I am not that public figure people look up to’.

Now I found myself with my back against the wall. I was so ashamed of bringing myself and my son in this situation. I didn’t want to borrow money from my family.
So with my last savings, I decided to bet on myself this time.
And it worked. 
Within the first month, I grew a Facebookâ„¢ group from 0 to 1000 members and generated 10k in revenue from it.

4 months later, I recovered everything I lost in my ‘Fake guru adventure’ just through selling digital products ranging from $7 - $97.

The product sales and the 1:1 clients totaled up to 140k in new revenue for my business within the first 12 months of my new coaching business.

I still can't believe that I was able to have 3026 paying customers and clients as a new coach within my first year (and as a single mum with a baby and very lively beagle...)

All that was fueled by running ads very strategically and in a way that they would deliver a fast return on investment so that I could keep spending money on running them and further grow my brand and monetize my audience.

Fast forward 2 more years and I've built "Coach Growth Company"
a multiple 7-Figure low-ticket infobusiness using mainly funnels, Facebook Ads & Launching
I worked my way up from investing $5 per day into profitably spending 80k per week on ads

Only 3 Steps to

Build Your Loyal Tribe, Go Full Time On Your Passion Of Helping Others, Then Automate & Scale

Step 1: Zero To Audience
  • The business quick start for new coaches
  • ​Nail your niche & positioning, fill your email list & Facebook group...
  • ​Then launch your beta offer and be able to go full time after your first month
Step 2: Develop Your Offers and Funnels
  • After you successfully launched your beta and have kickstarted your audience, it's time to identify gaps in your offer suite and map out your next ideal offer & funnel
  • ​Get ressources, help and feedback all the way in our support group, bi-weekly sales page review and tech support calls
Step 3: Optimize & Grow on Autopilot
  • Use proven templates and step-by-step tutorials to launch your campaigns
  • ​Learn how to track the right metrics, how to analyze them and how to optimize your campaigns and funnels
  • ​Learn how to scale your offers consistently, earning more while working less
Keep googling or...

Skip years of trying to grow organically
And learn how to use low-risk, high-Return ad strategies

Become A Funnels & Ads Pro Member
(Includes Access To Coach Growth Hub)

Get Clarity On Your Positioning, Offers And Funnels, Help With Your Ads, Strategies That Actually Work, Templates, Planners And On-Demand Training With A Social Media Ad Expert And Her Facebook™ Blueprint Certified Agency Team For Only $49/MONTH 

  • 24/7 week day support in our members only group
  • ​Weekly group coaching calls
  • ​Weekly copy reviews
  • ​72 hour turn around for ads feedback
  • ​personalized targeting recommendations
  • ​Lead magnet reviews
  • ​Weekly sales page, copy & email reviews
  • ​Save $$$$ instead of hiring an agency that doesn't deliver
  • ​Get over 20 hours of in-demand video training
  • ​Get feedback on your landing pages, ads & targeting
  • ​Get help to finding clarity in your business with proven systems
  • ​Nail your story & messaging every single time
What members think about this...
This is like joining a group coaching program
 Or Hiring An Agency To Help You With Your Ads While Paying Just A Fraction Of The Usual Cost

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🔓 When you join you get access to a members-only support and inner circle group so that you can...
  • Connect with like-minded people that are on the same journey.
  • ​Get others perspectives and opinions on your ideas, offers and ads
  • ​Get an inside peak of what is working for others and help implementing it inside your business
  • ​Stay consistent and motivated
  • ​Look for accountability and joint venture partners
  • ​Watch live coaching calls & sales page reviews
  • ​Be the first to know about new tools, trainings, resources and strategies exclusively for Funnels & Ads pro members
👉 Join to Get expert help from our amazing team
🔓When you join our coaches help you every step of the way with...
  • 24h Work Day Written Support in Members Only Group
  • ​Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
  • ​Weekly Copy Reviews
  • ​Lead Magnet Reviews
  • ​72h Turn Around Around Ad Reviews
  • ​Bi-Weekly Live Tech Calls
  • ​Bi-Weekly Live Sales Page Reviews
👉 Join tO learn The latest funnel & ad strategies from evelyn (who profitably spends 80k per month on ads)
🔓 Get instant access to all the ad and funnel training and templates based on real life best practices and strategies. Here's are just a few highlights:
  • Full Course on Facebook Ads For Coaches & Course Creators
  • ​How to set up your pixel and conversion tracking
  • ​Facebook Targeting Library for Coaches
  • ​Personalized targeting & audience recommendations
  • ​How to run retargeting ads
  • ​How to run list-building ads
  • ​How to sell your mini offers with ads
  • ​Launch ads
  • ​How to use chatGPT to write winning copy
  • ​How to create & use custom audiences & lookalike audiences
  • ​Facebook Group Funnel
  • ​Lead Magnet Tripwire Funnel
  • Mini-Offer (​Self-Liquidating Offer) Funnel
  • ​Membership Area
  • ​Video-Sales-Letter Funnel
  • ​Planner Funnel
  • ​Workshop Funnel
  • ​Winning Ad Copy Templates
  • ​Done-For-You Email Sequence Templates
👉 Join tO learn Not only about ads but also about launching strategies (Evelyn shares everything she learned from having 3 6-figure launches in the last 4 months alone)
🔓 Get training to start your audience from scratch (0 to audience 30 Day step-By-Step action plan & templates), nurture prior to a launch and have a successful live launch event. 

When you join you'll get instant access to:
  • Step by Step Launch Dashboard based on my last multiple 6-figure launch including all ad, copy and email templates plus step by step instructions for every step of the way (including how to use AI tools like chatGPT and midjourney to create unforgettable launches that stand out and convert).
  • ​A step-by-step action plan to start your audience and nurture journey from scratch (or start over when you're stuck)
  • ​30 days of done for you pre-launch content trello board with every single piece of content pre-written for you. 
  • ​Step-by-step tutorials on how to run profitable list-building and launch ads
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Become A Funnels & Ads Pro Member
(Includes Access To Coach Growth Hub)

Still got questions?

REad the faqs

Q: Who is this program for?
A: This program is designed for coaches, consultants, and course creators who are struggling to grow their business organically and are interested in learning how to effectively use funnels and low-risk, high-return ad strategies.

Q: What is the main goal of this program?
A: The primary goal of this program is to help you skip years of trying to grow your brand organically and teach you how to use low-risk, high-return ad strategies to expand your business without wasting money.

Q: I'm completely new to ads, will I be able to understand this program?
A: Yes, this program is designed to take you from beginner to expert. Even if you are starting from scratch, our step-by-step tutorials and support team will guide you through the process.

Q: What if I don't have a big budget for ads?
A: That's okay! We'll teach you how to make the most out of a small budget. With the right strategy, even a budget starting at $5 - $25 per day can make a huge difference.

Q: I'm concerned about potentially wasting funds on ineffective ads. How does this program mitigate that risk?
A: Your concerns are valid and it's precisely why our program exists. Our program emphasizes on imparting you with low-risk, high-return ad strategies. We provide guidance on how to start with a modest budget and utilize it optimally. You'll learn how to effectively run ads, test your offers, and hone your messaging - these are essential skills and will require a certain level of budget. While we can't promise specific results due to the multitude of variables that can influence outcomes, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to minimize risk and increase the potential for successful, effective ads.

Q: What do I get when I become a Funnels & Ads Pro Member?
A: As a Funnels & Ads Pro Member, you'll get clarity on your positioning, offers, and funnels. You'll get help with your ads, strategies that work, templates, planners, and on-demand training with a Social Media Ad Expert and her Facebookâ„¢ Blueprint Certified Agency Team. Plus, you'll get 24/7 weekday support in our members-only group, weekly group coaching calls, weekly copy reviews, personalized targeting recommendations, and much more for only $49/month.

Q: Could I just hire an agency to manage my ads instead of joining this program?
A: Of course, you have the option to hire an agency to manage your ads. However, keep in mind that agencies typically charge upwards of $1000/month, which can be a significant expense, especially for newer businesses or those with tighter budgets. Moreover, by outsourcing your ad management, you're missing out on learning the skills and strategies that could empower you to control your own marketing destiny. Our program not only costs a fraction of what an agency would charge, but it also provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to become proficient at managing your own ads. This way, you get to understand your audience better, maintain control over your marketing, and save money in the long run.

Q: I'm not very tech-savvy. Will I be able to follow the program?
A: Absolutely! Our program is designed with simplicity in mind. We provide step-by-step tutorials, guides, and a support team that's always ready to assist you. You don't need to be a tech whiz to succeed in our program.

Q: How much time will I need to dedicate to this program each week?
A: The time you'll need to dedicate can vary depending on your current knowledge and skills. However, like any worthwhile investment, the more time you can dedicate to learning and implementing the strategies we teach, the more value you will get from the program.

Q: Will I need to have a big email list or Facebook group to start with?
A: No, you don't need to have a big email list or Facebook group to start with. In fact, one of the first steps in our program is to help you build and grow your audience from scratch.

Q: Do I need to have my own product or service to sell?
A: Yes, this program is designed for coaches, consultants, and course creators who have their own digital products or services to sell. If you're still in the process of creating your product or service, this program can provide valuable strategies for when you're ready to launch.

Q: I'm not comfortable with sales. Will this program help me?
A: Yes, our program not only teaches you ad strategies but also provides training on sales page, copy & email reviews. You'll learn how to present your offers in a way that feels authentic and resonates with your audience.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the program?
A: We offer a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the program, you can cancel at any time within the first week for a full refund.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?
A: Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. We believe in providing value and if at any point you feel the program is not for you, you have the freedom to cancel.

Q: When will the doors open for membership again?
A: We don't have a set date yet for when the membership will open again. You can join our waiting list to be informed when the doors open again.

Q: What if I have more questions or need further assistance?
A: You can reach us at We're here to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

8375 144 Street
Surrey V3W 5T6
For Requests, Questions & Cancellations please contact:
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